Welcome to Coffee Studio

Coffee from Coffee Studio is the best tasting coffee, lovingly extracted from the best coffee beans and personalized for each customer. At Coffee Studio, we strive to share our passion for coffee and our passion for life with our community. Coffee Studio will not be complacent; we will constantly research, listen and observe how we can make the experience in our store better for you.

February 2016

Local Artist

At our Meridian Location, enjoy our featured artist of the month.

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 Coffee Studio is excited to welcome Pour Overs.

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Seasonal Specials

Enjoy our new and fun seasonal drinks

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Coffee Studio Espresso

We know you want great coffee and espresso. Our passionate and experienced team knows how to create that.
Come visit and meet our team at one of our Coffee Studios. See for yourself and get in touch.

A latte with whipped cream from Coffee Studio



A healthy and delicious smoothie from Coffee Studio



Pouring the best espresso at Coffee Studio



Coffee made with love from Coffee Studio



What You Think

  • Coffee Studio is amazing!
    I love these guys and my mornings would be incomplete without them.

    Jason Watson, 26
  • Wow! My life has changed completely
    since I got the new special of the month.

    Mark Ferell, 32
  • Awesome work. I come in every morning for my favorite
    coffee and walk out feeling refreshed and relaxed.

    Sandra Stone, 29

Our Popular Menu Items

Mocha Latte

$ 4.45

Get our favorite 20 oz. House Mocha to start your day right.


$ 4.30

Want to enjoy your caffeine kick?
Treat yourself to the rich breve. 20oz.

Mexican Mocha

$ 4.65

Our Mexican Mocha provides just the right savory spice anytime a day. 20 oz.

Berry Bomb

$ 4.95

Great refreshing treat.
Try a fresh  fruit smoothie! 24 oz

Mocha Frappe

$ 4.95

Blend it up. Enjoy a Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha Frappe. 24 oz.

Chai Frappe

$ 4.95

Enjoy the blended spices in our Chai Frappe.24 oz.


Green Monster

$ 5.47

A 24 oz. action packed smoothie.
Healthy and delicious.

Italian Soda

$ 3.30

 Try our caffeine-free italian sodas. Choose your flavor and enjoy. 24 oz.

Hot Chocolate

$ 3.35

Our Ghirardelli hot chocolate is for 20 ounces of pure delight.


Strawberry Banana

$ 5.47

24 oz. real-fruit smoothies. Add whey protein or peanut butter for .75ยข.


Frozen Caramel Chai

$ 5.47

Caffeine-free, blended and frozen.
Summer will be neever be the same.




Customize your drink with add-ons and substitutions like almond milk.

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