Our Story


Coffee Studio was established in 2012

Boise Won My Heart

My love and passion for coffee continued from Olympia. I guess I related home, community and family with coffee. I worked in Boise for a local roaster with dreams of my own Coffee House. I opened, with my partner (mom) a long-awaited Coffee Studio in Meridian Idaho, August 2012. As my passion grew so did our customer base, we added family members to our team and co-workers that shortly became family. I walk into our locations today and have the same warm feels I had as a child, friends, neighborhood, community. The baristas welcome the regulars by name, they ask about the soccer tournaments, school finals, ask how their trip was to the coast. As we continue to open more Coffee Studio’s, I have found my love and passion is not only coffee, that cup of coffee introduces strangers that quickly become friends, the local neighbor become a welcoming community. We fuel our passion through love for what we do.

Where Love and Local Meet

We began this wonderful journey January 2012.

Growing up in Olympia, Washington, coffee ignited to be something more.

I would get a tap on my shoulder early Saturday morning and I would jump up knowing I was going to coffee with my Mom. It was a time to chat and talk about all what happened in my week, it was my time. I would walk into the coffee shop and the barista would greet me by name, she knew what I drank (hot chocolate). The barista would ask me about my volleyball, a music recital, she always remembered my last visit. I moved to Boise in summer of 2006 for college. I quickly fell in love with the lifestyle, outdoors and the community, Boise won my heart.

Tending guests has always been the business of our family
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a homey atmosphere

Our promise

We promise to always value connections, and we promise to stay connected to our customers and our passion for coffee.
Coffee Studio

Our Coffee

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.
we love coffee and people!

Signature Beans


Premium Quality

Our Promise to You

We promise to create a place "Where love & local meet."

We promise our customers that you will taste the difference.

We promise to provide high-quality handcrafted beverages, made with locally sourced ingredients.

We promise to work hard for you, to respect and participate in our growing community.

We promise to always value connections, and we promise to stay connected to our customers and our passion for coffee.

Come For a Visit

Coffee Studio is a neighborhood coffee house, we invite you to join us on this journey of passion, connections, and coffee.